CSSI’s I-Client Online Quoting system allows an Insurance Brokerage to provide a customizable self service quote interface to clients and prospects from the broker’s website.

Custom Software’s I-Client Online Quoting module is available to TBW and IQ users or as a standalone product (the brokerage does not need to be using one of CSSI’s existing products).

The module includes the following features and benefits:

  • The module provides a broker’s clients and prospects 24-hour online access through the broker’s website to produce quotes for Home, Tenant, Condo, and Auto.

  • Prospects and clients can…
    • Create a quote
    • Create a unique, personalized online account (or use their Facebook account) to save their quote or partially completed quotes
    • Edit and modify saved quotes
    • Submit a quote to facilitate the purchase of an insurance policy from a quote

  • It is a web application that works on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

  • Each broker’s site is customizable and brands easily to support the broker’s corporate identity. We work with the broker initially to set up the site, and then the broker can easily make changes to the site through the controls within the administrative tools.

  • Through the use of filters and underwriting criteria, the broker can control the types of quotes they supply, as well as the Insurance Company(s).

  • The administrative feature allows the broker to manage and track quotes and leads to turn into sales or build their prospect list. Analytical tools provide the brokerage with management reports.

  • The system is cost effective and allows the broker access to the growing online market.

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