The Broker's Workstation Integrated Management System is a true fully integrated SEMCI solution for insurance brokers across Canada.

Custom Software's The Broker’s Workstation (TBW) is a fully integrated suite of automation tools designed to support the operations of property and casualty insurance brokers and agents. Built with CSSI's industry-leading, real-time technology, TBW is continuously enhanced to help brokers stay competitive and better serve their customers.

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Why The Broker's Workstation?
All-in-One Solution
Everything today's broker needs.
Real-Time Capabilities
Do business faster, more effectively.
Cloud Hosting
Host locally or on advanced cloud platform.

TBW integrates the following components within one system, allowing the broker to maximize efficiencies:

IntelliQuote Rating and Underwriting

  • IntelliQuote is a rating, quoting, and underwriting system with Home/Tenant/Condo, Personal Auto, Commercial Auto and Agro.
  • Real-time rating and upload.
  • CSIO application and pink card generation with direct to company upload capabilities.
  • 1,800 Insurance Company/Region/Line rate manual supported.
  • API rating and direct company rating available.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Broker email with Outlook and webmail integration.
  • Abeyances and activities for easy follow-up as well as workflow/sales tracking.
  • WebConnect single-click sign on, providing access to a wide range of insurance carriers, vendors and service companies.

BMS Accounting and Reporting

  • The Broker Management Accounting module offers single entry accounting tools to manage a brokerage which is tightly integrated with all other modules and functions.
  • Drill into accounting reports to view supporting transaction history including comprehensive Right-Click: About on accounting documents.
  • Go paperless with image and/or document attachments to accounting transactions. Attachments can be viewed from the Drill!
  • Monitor brokerage operations with integrated budget and custom income statement reporting options with budget, actual, and variance. Apply one or more time period types within a single report such as a single month, multiple single months side by side, a single quarter multiple quarters side by side, the usual fiscal year to date with comparative option, or a rolling 12 month period.
  • Customizable and predefined reports, including Expiry Lists, Production Report, Policies in Force, Retention and one-touch RIBO Form 1. One-Touch RIBO Form 1

Commercial Policy Tools

  • Fully Customizable data entry for manually rated commercial policies.
  • Proposal generation and submission available with TBW's integrated word processor.

I-Client Customer Online Portal  COMING SOON

  • I-Client is an online product suite to help brokers better connect with their on-the-go customers.
  • Customer Online Portal provides insurance brokerages with a customer-facing portal for online account access and self-service options. It is fully integrated within TBW. Watch video

Exceptional Customer Support
Our friendly and knowledgeable Client Services team is here to help via phone, email or live online chat (coming soon). TBW brokers also enjoy our online training sessions and growing video library.

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Most modules available in a standalone product